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Cecilia de RafaelCecilia de Rafael
Cecilia de Rafael is one of Spain's most well known hosiery brands. Made in Barcelona since 1976 with quality, care and modern methods.
- Creativity, design and fashion are my philosophy and characterize my collections, say designer Cecilia de Rafael.
Cervin offer the best of classic French stockings and hosiery. With over 50 years of production in the traditional textile districts a stocking from Cervin will bring you genuine tradition and fine quality.
Belgian Cette has had great success over the 20 years its been around and is now exported to 40 countries.
Their philosophy is that high quality hosiery is not just an accessory. It is a wardrobe essential and needs to be innovative, durable and perfectly fitting.
Founded back in 1936 and still producing popular stockings in England. Today's production is over 1 million pairs of stockings, hold ups and pantyhoses per week!
From Charnos you will find gorgeous wedding ranges, ultra sheer summer stockings and popular everyday hosiery.
English Cindy is a brand with a history going back half a century. And they still make a good selection of stockings and pantyhoses for everyday use.
DIM is an iconic brand that has symbolised femininity over the past 50 years.
Their mission to be a part of everyday life, meet women's expectations and let them express their individuality and fit their lifestyle.
Fiore is a young, ambitious and expansive Polish company that offer a wide range of modern stockings and stay-ups. Their ISO-9000 quality certificate will assure you high quality hosiery and at very reasonable prices.
Gerbe's quality control throughout the manufacture process is fantastic and each item is individually inspected by hand.
Their use of the finest materials ensure exceptional sheerness and durability and make the stockings loved throughout Europe.
Gipsy has been selling hosiery for three generations and the brand is now over 30 years old. They bring the latest Italian fashions to customers who are looking for style and quality at great value.
Le BourgetLe Bourget
Le Bourget is traditional French fashion at its best. They have a wonderful basic year round collection and mix that with two exciting trendy fashion collections a year.
Legwear designed for the confident woman. Eye-catching patterns, color contrasts and playful knitting is the key to the charm of Italian fashion.
Samburu is made by Cecilia de Rafael but is its own brand with a range of really fine hosiery at affordable prices.
Sarah BorghiSarah Borghi

Shape the attraction. Glamour your legs. Take a walk through colours. Cover & discover yourself.
Watch your step and meet Sarah Borghi from Italy. Quality legwear from stockings to leggings, from classic to trendy - designed to please your sense of fashion.

Silky Hosiery was founded in 1997 and offer an extensive range of fashionable, high quality products which cater for every use of legwear. Innovation, design, color and quality are keys to Silky's success.

Spanx has secured its place in women’s hearts and in pop-culture. Founded by Sara Blakely in USA they are now sold all over the world. Spanx does not only shape bodies they also shape the world by focusing on their mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential.

Italian Trasparenze produce some of our most popular stockings and stay-ups.
Their spring and autumn collections tend to sell out way too fast...
Trinny & SusannahTrinny & Susannah
Know from their numerous TV-shows Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine has designed their own range of shapewear, manufactured by Cette.
One of Sweden's oldest hosiery brands. The brand started in 1934 at Malmö Strumpfabrik and had great success all over Sweden and Scandinavia. The brand was acquired by Finnish owners to carry on the Swedish hosiery tradition.